Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Upcoming Events

Greetings culture vultures! Behold our packed line-up for the forthcoming fortnight to entertain your brain and serenade your senses:-


Celebrating all things camp and vamp, we present a silent film screening of 'Pandora's Box', the controversial erotic classic that tells of lusty showgirl Lulu's fiery fall from grace, ruining lovers both male and female before her own fateful encounter with Jack the Ripper in a seedy London back-alley. Oozing the doomed decadence of Weimar Germany and celebrated for the extraordinary magnetism of its star Louise Brooks, the original sinful siren of Hollywood, 'Pandora's Box' is a milestone of menacing but mesmerising moodiness which also features the first cinematic representation of lesbianism. With a musical background of the classic husky torch songs of Marlene Dietrich, this is a night for breaking out your feather boas, painting on your scarlet lips and nails and glamming it up! Note: normally dressed customers in search of caffeinated beverages are also welcome.


Welcoming the young performers of this city to Windy's for a night of variety in spoken word, there'll be manic monologues, poetic outbursts and unexpected moments of drama. So come down to laugh, listen and let your hair down.


Lady W's favourite songster is celebrating the return of his voice after singing himself hoarse to devoted fans in Glastonbury over the last weeks. He'll be bringing his own mellow musical stylings, poetic lyrics and wordly wisdom to a night of banter and balladry. Drop in and chill out!


The respected Near FM radio presenter and DJ Aoife NicCanna will be dropping in to Lady W's Culture Cafe to spin a few tunes, joined by her very special guest Brendan McCarthy all the way from Calcutta. McCarthy, a veteran social activist and poet, will be sharing some of his verses that are bound to give you food for thought, just as we at Lady W's are bound to give you food for munching.

Check out Aoife's exploration of the Irish dance scene, 'Folklore from the Dancefloor'.


A feisty festival darling and Galway songbird, Tara 'T Stax' Stacey mixes sharp wit and insight with a beautifully laid-back and lyrical voice. So come down to Lady W's Culture Cafe for a Saturday night session, and listen to the lady lull you and laugh with you at all life's ups and downs. It's cheaper than relationship therapy and twice as melodious!

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cabaret Roses Bloom at Lady W's TONIGHT!

Greetings, Caffeinated Culture Fans!

For our very first Cabaret Saturday night, we are delighted to announce that Ms. Rose Lawless will be gracing us with her own brand of hilarious humour, bawdy balladry and banter. There may even be a sneak auction of some vintage goods which have passed through the finely sculpted hands of Ms. Lawless herself.

So pop by the cafe from 7pm for drinks and/or dinner, and catch the flawless Ms. Lawless in all of her rawness starting at half eight or 9, as the fancy takes her.

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Love and biscuits,
Lady W

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lady Windermere's Incredible Edibles

Seasonal Salad Selection - €5 per plate

Citrus & Savoury Summer Salad - An appetizing avocado, orange, green pepper and coriander combination.

Sweet & Sour Summer Salad - A crunchy cucumber, pineapple, red pepper, jicama yam, cashew nut, red onion / scallion and mint medley.

Tangy Tomato Treat - A tasty tomato, garlic, strawberry, feta cheese and balsamic basil blend.

*Choose your Dressing: Lavender Mint , Royal Orange Thai or Piquant French Dressing *

Wrap it Up - €5 each

El Mariachi Munch - Gorgeous guacamole, fresh salsa and crunchy peppers, onions, mushrooms and courgettes combine in a mouthwatering Mexican mouthful.

Scrumptious Hummus - Smooth, creamy mashed chickpeas with fresh peppers, onions, mushrooms and courgettes.

Hey Pesto! - Tangy Italian feta cheese blended with fresh basil pesto and wrapped up with everybody's favourite veg - peppers, onions, mushrooms and courgettes.

*You can also request a wrap filled with the salad of your choice from our Seasonal Salad Selection*

Cakes GaLorLor's Delectable Diva Desserts - €3.50 each

Betty Blueberry - A deliciously decadent white chocolate and blueberry cupcake to bring out your sensual side...

Nina Colada - A tangy and exotic cocktail cupcake with a juicy pineapple heart. If you like piƱa coladas, and getting caught in the rain...

Penelope Peanut - A rich chocolate and crunchy peanut butter cupcake to drive you nuts...

Ruby Velvet - A slice of rich red sponge with cream cheese and mascarpone frosting. Lusciously lickable...

Rita Oreo - A slice of chocolate butter cream oreo cake. Crumbly and creamy...

Tantalising Teas (Hot or Cold) - €2.50 each

Lime & Lemongrass - Fresh lemongrass tea infused with kiefer lime & zest of orange peel.

Ginger Warmer - Ginger, lemon and honey tea. Ideal for the throat and digestion.

Classic Ice Tea - Lemon Ice - Tea with Mint. A nostalgic treat for the summer nights.

   * Regular Irish Tea and a Selection of Herbal Teas Also Available * 

Homemade Lemonades - €3 each

Pink Lady - Hibiscus Lemonade. A refreshing and reviving twist on the old classic.

Elderflower Power - A homemade cordial of elderflowers, aromatic and alluring.

Rhubarb-ade An unusual flavour to savour, our homemade rhubarb-ade is one to try!

Fantastically Fresh Orange Juice - squeezed for your pleasure every night.

Coffee Creations - small €2 , large €3

* Americano * Macchiato * Cappuccino * Espresso * Mocha * 
* Hot Chocolate *
- All available with either Soya or Normal Milk -

So, tell me Coffee Fans, with food and drink like this, can YOU resist? CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS OF WHERE TO FIND US. Drop in this Thursday from 7pm and you may find the wonderful Johnny Rayge tickling the ivories, or Marco Gutierrez working his trippy audiovisual magic. See you soon!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Lady Windermere Loves Lucy!

Greetings Coffee Fans! Lady Windermere is titillated to announce the triumphant return of the Cafe Salon, this time in the form of a Comical Cultural Cabaret Concert Cafe guaranteed to stimulate your interest and appetite all summer long! 
The good folk at Lucy's Lounge have offered Lady Windy a home for the long summer evenings, on condition that she serve up the very best in scrumptious entertainment and tastebud-tickling treats, and with your help this is what she has vowed to do!

So come on down, culture vultures, music maniacs and all lovers of caffeinated chillaxation, feast your eyes and your mouth on delectable confectionary, scrumptious savouries and delicious performers. An oasis of chill in the Temple Barminess of a night out in town, drop-in or hang-out, and bring your own sense of fun.

Lady Windermere's Menu of 

Caffeinated Comical Cultural Cabaret Concert Cafes 

THURSDAY - Culture Clash Cafe

Touring the world through food, visuals, poetry, song and performance, the 'Culture Clash Cafe' hosts a different culture every week and invites you to drop by and savour their flavours!

FRIDAY - Classy Concert Cafe

A night of melodic mood and harmonic sonic serenade, let our musical maestros nourish your soul as we nourish your stomach!

SATURDAY - Comical Cabaret Cafe

Sinful sirens seductively shimmy and sing, kooks caper comically, and all manner of madness is unleashed while we serve up our most scrumptious treats. It'll be darkly delicious!

OPENING TIMES:  8pm til the midnight hour. BYO with a modest corkage (and cannage) fee for each item brought of a boozy nature. 

The Lovely Lucy Season of Lady Windermere's Ongoing Adventures in Beverage, Biscuitry and Bohemian Rhapsody commences on 4th July. While our American cousins celebrate independence from tea taxation and Royal logo stampage, we are seeking to celebrate independence of mind and artistic spirit. Any and all artists interested in becoming part of the Windermere experience, email taramcdance [at] gmail . com Volunteers and backstage helpers are also welcome to apply, remembering of course the vital importance of being earnest.