Friday, February 20, 2015

EMBRYONYX: Beyond Conception

Greetings Windermere Fans! Long time no type!

In her other life, as Synapsis Productions, Lady W has been keeping herself busy however, programming pop-up events and festival line-ups all around this isle of Ireland. This latest scheme is too good to keep to herself: introducing EMBRYONYX, a womb for nourishing novelty, a platform in the heart of the city where a black-box theatre is opened to blue-sky thinking. We're looking for a multi-media mish-mash of audiovisuals, storytellers, physical theatre, boundary-breaking novelty and uncategorizable performance experiences! Send your concepts to LadyW at lacatsalons [at] gmail [dot] com if you want to be a part of it.

Or, you can just pop round to the Hangar (just off Wicklow Street - St. Andrew's Lane Theatre to you traditionalists) for our unofficial launch knees-up, next Friday (27th February 2015, at 22:30). Whisper "Lady Windermere" to the lackeys at the door for a 50% discount if you arrive before 11. Delicious and affordable beverages will be on offer from the Hangar staff throughout the night, glamazonian DJ and Dublin Scene Legend Glamo Frowney will be spinning the decks and walking around making a living art installation with her mere presence, followed by a LIVE set from everybody's favourite disco-synth-pop-funksters Plutonic Dust.

Lady W hopes to see you there and cook up some conspiracies, concepts and culture clashes with you... The revolution is nigh, brethren and sistren!

Beyond Conception

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